Gatsby Lumen

by Gatsby Central

A minimal, lightweight and mobile-first starter for creating blazing-fast static blogs.

Gatsby Lumen

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Lumen is a minimal, lightweight and mobile-first starter for creating blogs uses Gatsby.

This is a fork of gatsby-starter-lumen updated for Gatsby v2 by the team at GatsbyCentral.


  • Lost Grid (peterramsing/lost).
  • Beautiful typography inspired by matejlatin/Gutenberg.
  • Mobile-First approach in development.
  • Stylesheet built using SASS and BEM-Style naming.
  • Syntax highlighting in code blocks.
  • Sidebar menu built using a configuration block.
  • Archive organized by tags and categories.
  • Automatic RSS generation.
  • Automatic Sitemap generation.
  • Offline support.
  • Google Analytics support.
  • Disqus Comments support.

Folder Structure

└── src
├── assets
│   ├── fonts
│   │   └── fontello-771c82e0
│   │   ├── css
│   │   └── font
│   └── scss
│   ├── base
│   ├── mixins
│   └── pages
├── components
│   ├── CategoryTemplateDetails
│   ├── Disqus
│   ├── Links
│   ├── Menu
│   ├── PageTemplateDetails
│   ├── Post
│   ├── PostTemplateDetails
│   ├── Sidebar
│   └── TagTemplateDetails
├── layouts
├── pages
│   ├── articles
│   │   ├── 2016-01-09---Perfecting-the-Art-of-Perfection
│   │   ├── 2016-01-12---The-Origins-of-Social-Stationery-Lettering
│   │   ├── 2016-02-02---A-Brief-History-of-Typography
│   │   ├── 2017-18-08---The-Birth-of-Movable-Type
│   │   └── 2017-19-08---Humane-Typography-in-the-Digital-Age
│   └── pages
│   ├── 2015-05-01---about
│   └── 2015-05-01---contact
└── templates

Getting Started

Install this starter (assuming Gatsby is installed) by running from your CLI: gatsby new lumen

Running in Development

gatsby develop


gatsby build

Deploy with Netlify

Netlify CMS can run in any frontend web environment, but the quickest way to try it out is by running it on a pre-configured starter site with Netlify. Use the button below to build and deploy your own copy of the repository:

After clicking that button, you’ll authenticate with GitHub and choose a repository name. Netlify will then automatically create a repository in your GitHub account with a copy of the files from the template. Next, it will build and deploy the new site on Netlify, bringing you to the site dashboard when the build is complete. Next, you’ll need to set up Netlify’s Identity service to authorize users to log in to the CMS.



Statinamic port by Khoa Nguyen


MIT License

Deploy theme in one click

Deploy to netlify

Gatsby template

  • Compatible with Gatsby v2
  • It is a Gatsby starter

Compatible with Markdown

  • This template uses only local files