Gatsby HiStaff

by HiStaff

Business ready landing page template for Gatsby.

Gatsby HiStaff

It's a starter static website which useful plugins based on Gatsby .

🚀 Quick start

  1. Install the Gatsby CLI.

    npm install -g gatsby-cli
  2. Create a Gatsby site from HiStaff.

    gatsby new histaff
  3. Start the site in develop mode.

    Next, move into your new site’s directory and start it up:

    cd histaff/
    gatsby develop
  4. Open the source code and start editing!

    Your site is now running at http://localhost:8000. Open the histaff directory in your code editor of choice and edit src/pages/index.js. Save your changes, and the browser will update in real time!

At this point, you’ve got a fully functional Gatsby website. For additional information on how you can customize your Gatsby site, see our plugins and the official tutorial.

🧐 Features

  • Support SCSS
  • Web font loader (Google and custom font)
  • Sample pages for starter
  • Clean code and structure
MIT License

Deploy theme in one click

Deploy to netlify

Gatsby template

  • Compatible with Gatsby v2
  • It is a Gatsby starter

Compatible with Markdown

  • This template uses only local files