My name is Greg Bergé, I am a french developer based in Paris. I discovered React in 2016 and I fell in love with it! After many projects and during the workshops I gave, I had the chance to use Gatsby and Next.js.

It was a revelation for me, JamStack would be the next stack to build the web.

Today Gatsby is the most popular framework to create static generated applications using React. It makes it very easy and hides all the complexity behind it. However it remains difficult to start a project from scratch.

In july 2019, Gatsby announced the stable release of Gatsby Themes. It opened a new era, an era where we can create a website without styling and coding everything. You can use an existing theme and start to write content.


I was looking for good Gatsby themes to create a new project and I couldn't find one that suits me. Inspired by jamstackthemes.dev, I decided to create a website to reference all ready-to-use themes for Gatsby.

The goal is not to accept every theme, only high quality themes will take place here.

To create a curated list of best templates, I trust the community. This website is open source and will remain so. Everybody can submit a new theme by creating a pull-request. The theme is reviewed by the community.


As of today, you will only find free Gatsby themes on JamTemplates. This is just the beginning!

Other frameworks

I choose the name JamTemplates because I want to create a registry of the best templates to create websites using JamStack.

Lots of tools are available today, not all of them provide an easy way to create a theme. Next.js will probably be the next one to be referenced here.

Premium themes

All work merits salary. Creating a high quality theme requires time and lot of work. Selling premium themes on JamTemplates is a something that would happen sooner or later.

Even if premium themes appear, I would like to keep this website open source. Everyone should be able to add his free or premium theme on JamTemplates.